Using Data to Inform Planning


Our client provides clinical documentation solutions to more than 500,000 clinicians, including CDI, diagnostic imaging, speech recognition, medical transcription and coding. As they prepared to transition from a product-positioned company to a solutions and services orientation, they needed to understand awareness and perception of the company as a healthcare IT supplier, as well as awareness and perception of their leading healthcare brands.

The goal was to use the information found in the research survey to help our client and their future partners develop a specific marketing strategy, and actions, to help improve market share.


Our target audience for the survey included leadership of financial, IT, clinical and radiology departments within health systems, IDNs, regional hospitals, clinics and physician practices.

We used a combination of email surveys and follow-up phone interviews to validate survey responses that represented a balance of our audiences and facilities. We then built a brand awareness dashboard that displayed our client’s results, both aided and unaided, against industry leaders for EHR, clinical and financial solutions.

The dashboard also displayed company and solution attributes, as well as more specific areas of healthcare such as EHR documentation, clinical documentation, CMI (Case Mix Index), transcription and speech recognition.


We learned from more than 100 completed survey responses that our client was relatively unknown as a high-level healthcare IT player, but beginning to get a reputation in the space at the corporate level. We determined that while they were trusted at the corporate and solution levels, their sub-brands were their strongest attribute.

With this insight, we were able to recommend options for how to reconcile multiple brands and bring the collective power to bear against their goal. Each option included benefits and risks for consideration, including the impact on sales, marketing and operations. Additionally, competitive considerations and opportunities were revealed that we were able to leverage for our recommendations to improve market share.

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