Develop an Informed Strategy


Our client, a leading provider of clinical, operations and financial solutions for health systems, was interested in a takeaway campaign targeting a rival.


First we identified current users of the competitive platform to understand the key issues they were facing, followed by an evaluation of the benefits of our client’s solution. Then we interviewed 50 CIOs and Directors of Medical Information, all within hospitals with a $75m+ operating expense budget.

Insights gained included length of time with their current solution, awareness of top 3 HIS solutions, current solution strengths, most important attributes in their next HIS, and other insights that would inform both sales and marketing. Ultimately we leveraged this insight to create a tactical plan that helped the sales team make the case for displacement of the competitive product.


Using results of the research program, the sales team was able to map activity and resources to prospects as they entered the buying cycle, and the program continued over time based on meeting their initial sales goals.

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