Why do top brands choose Red House?

Integrated Programs

Strategic Thinking

We take a highly academic, all-inclusive, grindingly thoughtful approach to solving your problems. We quantify the thinking, make the look exciting, and produce stellar results.
Integrated Programs

Creative Excellence

With an ideation process refined over a couple of decades, we take enormous pride in the creation and quality of our work. This process carries through all facets – copywriting, design, digital and print production – and ensures a consistent flow and brand experience throughout our clients’ programs.

Integrated Programs

Flawless Execution

Our teams thrive on precision, working closely with clients to ensure that every piece of content – no matter how large or small – is crafted to spec and maintains consistency. Our focus on timing, budget, and quality means that every client dollar produces a positive ROI.

Integrated Programs

Positive Results

We’ve developed a proven method of measuring every program’s success, attributing and measuring the metrics that matter most, and leveraging in-depth analysis and insights to constantly optimize.

Helping our clients reach their key healthcare audiences.


Health Plans

Clinical Specialties

Medical Devices and Specialty Pharma Manufacturers

Experience built from working with some of the biggest and best in healthcare.