NURTURING: They aren’t Sales Ready, but They’re Going to be


Our client, a leading provider of clinical, operations and financial solutions for health systems, had accumulated thousands of leads through web forms, events, webinars and other programs, and most had not been touched since they were collected. They realized that if they could move a small percentage to the next stage of the buying cycle, the returns could be substantial.


We were looking for a way to differentiate the brand with our prospects, beyond the standard “drip” campaign. The direction we chose was a customized nurture program designed specifically to help build our client’s value in the eyes of their prospects and prep them for eventual conversion.

A system of emails was created to give topical content to prospects on an ongoing basis. The content was relevant to the prospect’s unique situation, and included facts as well as opinion videos about the impact on the prospect. Each touch offered ways for the prospect to learn more. No hard sell, just free help.

When a prospect acted on the content or offer to learn more, they were funneled to another stage of the program. At any point, a salesperson could review the activities and elect to follow up to see if they were getting closer to a commitment.


Two opportunities were closed in the first two months, and this pilot was the basis for ongoing nurturing efforts that are currently running.

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