SPECIALIZED MEDIA: Planning, Buying, Analysis & Optimization


Our client provides healthcare solutions to health systems and group practices, including telehealth, medical imaging and information management, health information exchange (HIE) and mobile health. In addition to their in-house media team which focused on more general media opportunities, they needed specialized support in planning, executing and optimizing their online marketing for healthcare IT, specifically in support of MQL goals.


We began with an evaluation of our client’s solutions and decision-making audiences, relevant industry events and timing, and target publications and editorial calendars. From there we recommended and executed an integrated plan that optimized our reach and response, while limiting redundancy.


In addition to traditional media metrics such as impressions and clicks, custom tracking was applied to our online media programs and assets. With this tracking in place, we were able to monitor performance in real-time, optimize and reallocate resources as needed to achieve our marketing qualified lead goals.

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