Broad-Based Awareness and Lead Generation


Our client’s billing and coding solutions are used by group practices and physicians in specialties that include radiology, pathology, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine. After years of mergers and acquisitions, a research program determined they were the largest in the space, but lacked any perception of superiority to competitors.


Generate leads and build the brand as a byproduct of high-frequency content marketing using direct mail, email, trade ads, search engine marketing, customized microsites, and more, all designed to capture contact information in exchange for content that offered valuable information to help physicians keep more of what they earn. The program was built for optimization from the beginning, and campaigns that showed fatigue were easily replaceable with fresh content and tactics.

Then we developed a turn-key integrated program to promote the results of the research using a wide range of communications tactics.


Results were measured in qualified lead value and over the first year the ROI was 25:1 in lead value over invested dollars.

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