We built a place where brands thrive.

Why we named our agency after a red house. And why it matters.

Our agency is named after a revolutionary architectural landmark built in 1860 in Bexleyheath, England. The Red House claim to fame is simple: it was one of the first homes designed around the needs of its residents, rather than around the preferences of its architects.

To many agencies, it’s still 1860; they develop recommendations based upon what they like and know, rather than what the client wants and needs.

At Red House, we have our skills. We know our markets and audiences. But when it comes to developing solutions, we begin at square one with each new client. Because while you live and work in the same world as everyone else; your needs, your brand and your potential are unique – your marketing should be too.

Welcome to Red House. We think you’ll like it here. After all, we were built just for you.

When we say we balance strategy and creative, the proof is in the hundreds of wide-ranging awards Red House has earned over the past decade.

We’ve been recognized by the national Business Marketing Association for “Best of Division” for Lead Generation, Chief Marketer’s “Top Shops”, and BtoB Magazine’s “Top Agencies” list.

Being a top agency in Lead Generation means we’re doing the right thing for our clients—and doing it better.

Honestly, the credit goes to the clients who trust us to do the work that helps them achieve their goals.

Red House at a glance.

This house has a story.




Atlanta, GA

Core Discipline

B2B Marketing


Healthcare B2B Marketing

Hospital & Systems Marketing

From clinical, financial and operations executives, to leaders within specialty departments, we have a proven track record of reaching the people within healthcare organizations who ultimately make decisions.

Physician Marketing

Having marketed to more than 75 specialties and sub-specialties, we understand that no two are alike. We understand how to reach them effectively, and which messages matter most to each one.

Payer & Plan Marketing

As changes blur the lines between payers and risk-bearing entities, we’re ready to help you adapt — so that you reach the right buyers with the right message, every time.

Device & Pharma Marketing

We bring to the table a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical, device, equipment and solutions marketing — plus an emphasis on metrics that can help you drive optimal results.

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There’s an old saying: When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. That’s the way a lot of agencies work.

At Red House, our toolbox holds a comprehensive range of solutions and services, and our consultants build the right mix for you. So no matter what audience you’re trying to reach, we have the tools to help you communicate more effectively.